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Your Renovation Strategist

My mission is to advocate for my clients and guide them through the entire renovation process, from concept to construction, providing clarity, confidence, and ownership in their residential renovation.

A Homeowner's Perspective

Brett talks about how Adrian got their renovation back on track and saved them a lot of money.

A Builder's Perspective

Kieran talks about the immense value that Adrian brings to the renovation process.

An Architect's Perspective

Matt details how Adrian's knowledge and expertise assists in the design process of a renovation.

Why Work With Adrian?

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As an experienced structural engineer with a love of homes and design, my passion lies in helping homeowners navigate the complex world of residential renovation. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the pitfalls and challenges that often arise when people embark on their renovation journey without proper guidance. I firmly believe in putting the client’s needs and aspirations at the forefront of every renovation, advocating for their best interests and ensuring they clearly understand their options.

My approach involves a holistic consideration of budget, design, and feasibility, working to find creative solutions that align with the client’s vision and fit within their financial constraints. I recognise the unique opportunities that each home presents, making the most of its inherent assets and addressing the various challenges.

My mission is to advocate for my clients and guide them through the entire process, from concept to construction, providing clarity, confidence, and ownership in their projects. My ultimate objective is for my clients to say at the end of their project that they’d do it all again.

I’m Adrian Dine, your renovation strategist.

Recent Case Studies

Client Testimonials

  • Thank you for creating this plan for us. It was exceedingly valuable for our meeting with our building designer and has made our discussions and planning with them very straightforward. Based on our conversations with him, we have not deviated from the plans you sent us, with the only real adjustment being the laundry/butler pantry section. We were still torn on how to layout. The building designer is currently in the process of completing new designs for us with the help of your ideas. 

    Thank you for your time and the immense help your concept designs have provided us. We are very grateful for this, particularly given we could not see a clear way forward that met our budget.

    C & M

  • Truly speaking, your passion amazes me. In the current world, no one does anything without prior discussion and agreement on the cost involved. As a Medical Oncologist, I work with my patients over and beyond what I am supposed to do. 

    More than money, it gives me the satisfaction of doing the right thing for my patients. I see similar thoughts and intentions in you.

    D & V

  • I found your involvement and opinions invaluable. 

    As you’re aware, we started with a brief, and unfortunately, the initial house design didn’t meet any of those requirements. We probably would’ve continued on a dead-end path with a house that wasn’t fitting our needs had you not intervened and shared your thoughts.

    Our current layout is your design, and we’re excited to see it unfold. 

    It’s been refreshing to work with you, someone who cares about the customer, meets their needs and has a real passion for house design.

    C & P

  • Adrian was really insightful with design ideas and assisted us in keeping within our budget. He provided quality time to understand our needs and create a home we can love. Thank you for your passion and commitment to your business and the industry.

    K & D

  • They have been able to save us more than just money. It has made our building experience a lot less stressful because they have been extremely prompt to answer any questions I might have. They are also able to answer complex questions in easy-to-understand terminology.

    C & T

  • It wasn’t until Adrian pointed out on the original plans that we would have been tripping over one another in the hallways.

    Adrian was crucial in getting everyone back to the table to determine a better approach.

    B & C

  • We really appreciate your honesty throughout the whole process.

    A & J

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